Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have furnished a list of questions which are often asked about a Celebrant ceremony.

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FAQ Celebrant?

FAQ Page

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a person who performs ceremonies marking some of life’s biggest milestones like births, weddings, vow renewals, gender affirmation and funerals. A Celebrant can conduct ceremonies independently from any beliefs but will happily incorporate religious or spiritual elements into the ceremony. You can choose where you would like the ceremony to be without restrictions. A Celebrant can perform traditional or contemporary ceremonies that are heartfelt, bespoke and meaningful crafting your story of love and life’s events.

What is the difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant?

A registrar is employed by your local government and they conduct legally binding marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. They can conduct the ceremonies in your local register office or any building/space that is licensed for civil weddings. The ceremony including the vows must not contain any religious beliefs or phrases. This will limit your choices of where you would like your ceremony, what you would like to say for your vows and or if you would like any religious elements incorporated into your service. All you need to do before your wedding ceremony if you have chosen a civil celebrant is get the legalities done first.

How do I get the legal stuff done prior to a Civil celebrant led wedding?

You do have to legally register your marriage at the Registry Office in the county of where your wedding will be,  and you can do this by asking for the 2 + 2 ceremony. This is basically a short service with two witnesses at a very affordable price. The local authority tends not to advertise this option. Often they state you would need to have a full service costing between £300 and £500. You have a legal right to request a 2 + 2 ceremony costing around just £45. Think of it like popping into the registry office to register a birth and picking up the certificate. Once you have done the legal stuff you can then concentrate on arranging and enjoying your fabulous wedding crafted exactly the way you and your partner want it to be.

Can I have any rituals in my ceremony?

Yes you can. In a Celebrant led ceremony, you can have any ritual you would like. For example, the Handfasting ceremony or the unity sand blending ceremony even involve your friends and family if you would like.

Where can I hold a Celebrant led ceremony?

Anywhere you like. You may want your wedding on a beautiful beach. Perhaps you both have a favourite place like a forest walk or park. There are no restrictions which make your day so special and memorable.

Can I have a religious element in my ceremony?

Yes, you can. Perhaps you would like a blended ceremony where there is a religious ritual incorporated into the service. Maybe you would like to honour one of your family’s religious beliefs by having a particular ritual as part of your vows. A Celebrant will craft your service with any religious or spiritual beliefs blended into your ceremony exactly how you would like.

How much does a celebrant cost?

A Celebrant led funeral will cost £200. For a baby naming ceremony, the cost will start from £250 depending on what is required and a wedding and vow renewal will start from £600 again depending on what you would like. Your vows to each other are the most important part of your wedding day and your celebrant will meet with you prior to your big day as many times as you like to discuss the day. So it’s a real personable service where your celebrant will be with you every step of the way crafting the best day of your lives.