Wedding Celebrant North Wales

Are you looking for a Wedding Celebrant in North Wales?

I’m a qualified wedding celebrant based in North Wales and will carefully craft your perfect wedding ceremony with personal bespoke vows that will truly tell your love story. Maybe you would like a blended ceremony incorporating a religious ritual or if you have children you may like to involve them with a handfasting or Unity Sand Ceremony. Perhaps your wedding day will be intimate with just the two of you in a beautiful setting. Whatever your vision, your wedding celebrant will help to make your dreams come true and create a truly memorable day.

How it works

We will initially have a chat either face to face or via zoom so you can get to know me where we can discuss options and begin to build your dream day. We will meet again as often as you want during the build-up to the big day and together we will create magic.

Depending on location, or any specific requirements prices start from £500

Wedding Celebrant North Wales
Wedding Celebrant

8 reasons to use a Wedding Celebrant?

  1. Professional Guidance: A qualified celebrant can provide support and guidance throughout the planning process.
  2. Personalised Ceremony: As a Celebrant, I can create a ceremony that reflects the couple’s beliefs and values.
  3. Unique Readings: A celebrant can help find meaningful readings for the ceremony.
  4. Trained and Experienced: A celebrant is trained and experienced in creating and leading wedding ceremonies.
  5. Professional Conduct: A celebrant will ensure the wedding ceremony is conducted professionally.
  6. Flexibility: They are flexible and accommodating to the couple’s wishes.
  7. Support: You can meet with your celebrant as many times as you wish leading up to your big day.
  8. Keepsake: After your big day you will be provided with a beautifully presented copy of your script to cherish forever.
Celebrant for Weddings

Handfasting RITUAL

Historians believe “ tying the knot” originated in the Irish tradition of HandFasting where Couples acknowledged their betrothal by having their hands tied together by an officiant with ribbons or cord to symbolise their commitment to each other. Nowadays this ritual is very popular at weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. They can involve family and friends where each person places a different coloured ribbon over the couple’s hands each ribbon representing a different meaning.

What is a Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding celebrant is an individual who is trained to officiate a wedding ceremony. They are responsible for creating a unique and personalised ceremony that reflects the wishes and values of the couple. A wedding celebrant can be either a Civil Celebrant or a Humanist Celebrant.

The celebrant is responsible for creating and leading a unique, personalised wedding ceremony that reflects the couple’s wishes and values. They will work with the couple to create a ceremony that is meaningful and memorable for them, their family and their friends. We are qualified and understand the need for a personal and unique ceremony.

Benefits of using a Wedding Celebrant

Using a qualified wedding celebrant North Wales such as Willow Bespoke Ceremonies to officiate your wedding ceremony can bring a range of benefits, including:

  • A personalised ceremony that reflects the couple’s wishes and values
  • Guidance, support and advice from the celebrant throughout the planning process
  • Assistance with choosing wedding readings for the ceremony
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements of the marriage
  • Peace of mind that the ceremony will be conducted professionally and in accordance with the couple’s wishes