Wedding Rituals

Handfasting Ceremony

Historians believe “ tying the knot” originated in the Irish tradition of HandFasting where Couples acknowledged their betrothal by having their hands tied together by an officiant with ribbons or cord to symbolise their commitment to each other. Nowadays this ritual is very popular at weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. They can involve family and friends where each person places a different coloured ribbon over the couple’s hands each ribbon representing a different meaning.

What is the unity sands ceremony?

At Willow Bespoke Ceremonies, we believe that your sands unity ceremony should be a unique and personalised expression of your love and commitment.

That’s why we offer a wide range of unity ceremony ideas, including the popular Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, and Unity Plant Ceremony, as well as the Blended Family Unity Ceremony and other Unity Ceremony Alternatives.

Willow Besooke Ceremonies will work closely with you to create a wedding unity ceremony script that perfectly captures your individual style, preferences, and personality.

My name is Jane Jones and you can call me on 07590 424555 or via email at to discuss your ideas.

Wedding rituals Ceremony
Wedding rituals Ceremony

About The Sands Unity Ceremony?

This ritual involves a symbolic blending of different coloured sands into a single vessel.

The meaning is the blending of two different beings into a single inseparable unit and the joining of their lives. This is also very popular with couples who both have children from previous partnerships.

This ritual allows the children to be involved with their own colour sand so each child would pour their sand into a single vessel bringing the whole family together as one unity.

The Sands Unity Ceremony – A beautiful and meaningful alternative

The Sands Unity Ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful way to symbolise the coming together of two individuals to create a new and blended family. As a qualified celebrant in North Wales, I highly recommend this unique and creative ritual. It’s a great alternative to the more traditional unity ceremonies, such as the Unity Candle Ceremony, and provides an opportunity for family members and friends to get involved by adding their own sand to the container.

Incorporating wedding rituals – Adding a personal touch to your ceremony

Incorporating Wedding ritual Ideas into your wedding is a great way to add a personal touch to your ceremony. Whether you choose the Sand Unity Ritual, a blended religious ceremony, or any other unity ceremony alternative, I will work with you to ensure that your ceremony is a true reflection of your unique love story.

Willow Bespoke Ceremonies understand the importance of creating a meaningful ceremony that captures both the couple’s and family’s beliefs and interests.

We can help you create a customised Unity Ceremony Script that incorporates all of your favourite ideas, including the Sands Unity Ceremony, to make your special day truly unforgettable.

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