Naming ceremonies

So what is a naming ceremony? Well, it’s not just about baby naming ceremonies (or maybe you will recognise the word christening more ). As much as we love a good christening to welcome your new baby into the world surrounded by your family some people prefer not to have a traditional christening held in a church or synagogue or mosque. Celebrants can offer a more bespoke ceremony pretty much anywhere you like involving guide parents (godparents if you are having a religious ceremony ) it’s an honour to introduce a new little human into this world so let’s make it a unique bespoke tailored ceremony.

But we are not just restricted to baby naming ceremonies, celebrants can now help a person who has changed their gender by celebrating with their friends, family even their community by holding a gender affirmation ceremony.  How wonderful to celebrate the true beautiful you as you blossom and grow into the human being you truly are and want to be. Maybe have a ritual incorporated into your ceremony like lighting a candle and thinking about the things you are choosing to leave behind. Focus on the flame and take a deep breath and release all the hurt or negative feelings that you may have experienced and welcome your new beginning as you move forward positively on your journey.

The options are endless and why shouldn’t we celebrate with joy and love all life’s milestones.

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